“Nothing lasts, Nothing is finished, and Nothing is perfect…”

Who we are

Toshi Hayama

Originally founded in 2005 by Toshi Hayama as a video production company, Stage 10 has evolved into a creative marketing company with clients in the automotive, culinary, fashion, medical and home interior industries.

After 10 years of successful brand marketing in the automotive aftermarket industry and consulting for two Fast and the Furious Hollywood movies, Toshi moved into the Tokyo fashion scene where he honed his marketing and international business skills working with top level boutiques and European brands.

There he became proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro, and WordPress allowing him to develop his design skills, create effective websites, manipulate photos/ graphics, animate and edit video.

Combined with a network of highly talented specialists, Stage 10 has been able to offer highly appealing graphic design solutions for clients. Toshi’s passion passion for photography, video and design drives the creative process, while his attention to detail gives the customer an edge over the competition.

Today, Stage 10 works with clients to extract the best possible image based on budget.

The company is split into 2 main divisions. The branding division offers creative design solutions for corporate websites, publishing and sales promotional goods. The language division offers Japanese-English corporate interpreting and technical document translation services with a strength in automotive topics. Stage 10 has also begun pilot programs for English language personal training for Japanese working professionals.

In an age where the tools of creation are available to anyone, creative taste and design sense are more important than ever. Stage 10 is confident that we can produce the best possible brand image with the available resources.

What do we do

Stage 10’s Core Services include: Marketing Consulting, Website Design and Development, Graphic Design, Ad Creation, Photoshop alteration of images, Web server setup and maintenance, E-commerce setup/maintenance, and Document Translation/ Automotive Interpreting Services (Japanese-English.)

Past and Present Clients