What We Do

Stage 10 is a creative company offering services in the following categories:

“Translation/ Interpreting”

With 40+ years of Japanese-English / bilingual-bicultural  and 25+ yrs of automotive/motorsports experience on hand, our lead interpreter/translator, Toshi Hayama is considered one of the best in the industry.

Our translations offer technical accuracy as well as translation styles favoring literal expressions of the original text if desired.  We can also offer a more localized translation for on-point messaging.

Our interpretation skills offer the highest level of speed, accuracy and efficiency. We engage in virtual/ real life interview sessions, trade shows, product launches, corporate meetings, press events, and more.

While our capabilities include any Japanese/English category, our unparalleled area of specialty lies within the automotive industry.

“Design/ Branding”

Creativity starts from within and it is the cumulative sum of past experience that drives our creative process. Thinking outside the box and drawing on the countless sources of Japanese design give us a unique flavor that centers around simplicity, minimalism, and balance within imbalance. We promote deep, thoughtful messaging, detail orientated ideas and concepts to arm out clients with the best possible branding plan.

In today’s fast paced digital society, Less is more, Imperfect can mean perfect, and Authenticity is a must.

“Media/ PR”

After consulting on two Hollywood movies (Fast and the Furious : FF3 & FF4), producing various media content and working with top tier corporate brands, Stage 10 knows a thing or two about Media and PR.

We specialize in  Japanese clients wanting to penetrate English speaking markets and English speaking companies who want to penetrate the Japanese market.

Each approach requires a thorough understanding of the brand, messaging as well as the cultural norms that sway the impression of the audience.

Stage 10 leverages authentic bi-cultural understanding, as well as vast experience in Automotive, Hollywood, Home, Food, Fashion and Design for on-point advice and training.

Past and Present Clients