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The Birth of a Team : Keeping the dream alive

In 2012, Toshiki Yoshioka, a veteran drift/circuit/rally driver, suddenly found himself without a ride for the upcoming season due to scheduling conflicts in Japan with his sponsors.

Despite having given up everything in Japan to move to the US and pursue the American dream, Toshiki was about to give up on the season.

However, a chance reunion with Toshi Hayama from Stage 10 and Naofumi Omoto from GTNET/CWEST changed all that.

Upon hearing about this situation, they decided to help.

They met up for dinner one night and after an epic rock-paper-scissors battle,  the deal was done.

Yoshioka was always known as a hard working  privateer who inspired many fans by pushing the boundaries of his underpowered car and fighting with the big boys. He was a symbol of the underdog fighting spirit and they wanted to support that. They also wanted to support the human aspect of Yoshioka’s personal adventures and challenges.

Considering Yoshioka’s extensive experience with light-weight rear wheel drive cars (AE-86 Hachiroku), Toshi and Omoto felt that the Subaru BRZ would be perfect for his personal challenge. GTNET, being a Japanese nationwide sports car dealership, offered to sponsor him a brand new BRZ.

Shortly after, Yoshi sold many of his personal items to fund the project, and with the help of several close friends, the BRZ project was underway.

The whole team is made up of volunteers trying to chase a dream and support a friend.

And within just a few days, the foundation for a team with great potential was born.



After a challenging, but rewarding first year, the decision was made to switch to an FR-S and focus efforts on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

The new FR-S was equipped with an aggressive new look sporting a flat black color and a new wide body kit from C-WEST. A brand new engine built by Crew Chief Koji Haraguchi would power the new machine. All feedback from the BRZ would be used to dial in the FR-S chassis.

Once again, with minimal financial support and the help of true friends, the team was able to make it to Pikes Peak and finish a respectable fourth place.

Although Yoshioka and the new FR-S will not compete in Formula D this year, the car is set to compete in more time attacks and drift events.