Nothing is Impossible.

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Yoshioka Racing is made up of a dedicated group of volunteers. They are his personal friends, mentors, companies, and fans. Their one common goal…

To see how far they can go together.

To be involved.

To chase a dream.


Driver/Owner/Mechanic/ Fabricator


DOB: 12/21/1976

Known and revered as one of the world’s most experienced Toyota Hachiroku drivers. Recognized as a true privateer at heart, Yoshioka has currently given up everything in Japan to pursue his international driving career.

He is currently chasing his dream of eventually owning his own racing team where he can support the dreams of new young drivers.

Crew Chief/ Team Operation


Extensive Road and Rally experience both as a driver and mechanic. Owns a successful auto business and now pursues racing as a true passion.

Koji has volunteered all of his time to this project and is an indispensable part of this special team.

PR/Marketing and everything in between


Toshi was instrumental in the formation of this team and acts as a major volunteer helping film, edit and produce the short documentary “THE HANDICAM DIARIES” in his private time.

He has also been a good friend of Yoshioka since his time as the D1 GRAND PRIX announcer and currently houses the race project at his office, GTNET USA/STAGE 10.

With over 15 years in the industry and constant traveling between Tokyo and CA, Toshi brings a wealth of experience and connections to the team.


Keith Covey-  Chassis Design Engineering

Jayson Fajardo – Bodywork

Kazuhiko Ishida – Bell Housing/ Fabrication Work

Koji Arai- ECU Tuning

Toshihiro Nakamae