Stage 10 ESS for 2009-2015 Toyota Prius Installation Guide



So, let’s begin installation of the Stage 10 ESS (Electronic Shift Switch) on your ZVW30 Prius.

First off, DISCONNECT THE BATTERY TERMINALS. This will save you from electric shock and damage.

(If you don’t know how to disconnect the battery, you should not proceed with this installation…)

Be sure to write down any data that might be lost when disconnecting the battery.


This is the factory shift lever that will be replaced.

First off, use a moulding remover tool, or CAREFULLY use your hand to pop up the Shifter panel.

NOTE: When pulling up, be sure not to pull too hard. The clips tend to POP out and the panel may hit the shifter.

When using your hand, remove like this. Use two hands for good grip.

CAREFULLY SLIP the panel over the Shifter and GENTLY place to the side.

This will now expose the Factory Shifter. Use a cloth or towel to protect the panels if you don’t want any scratches.

The Factory Shifter is held in place with these 3 nuts.

Here is a closeup of Nut #1.

Here is Nut #2, Nut #3.

Once again, a bit closer.

Remove Nut #1 with a 12mm socket wrench.

Remove Nut #2.

Remove Nut#3.

Carefully lift up the factory shift lever unit.

Remove the main coupler connected to the shift lever unit.

Remove like this.

Take the Stage 10 ESS in your hand…

And take the coupler on the backside…

Place the harness coupler THROUGH the shift panel hole opening.

Connect the ESS coupler harness to the factory shift lever coupler.

Replace the top shifter panel back into place.

To mount the ESS so that it does not spin in place,

Take the included Double Sided tape,

(You may use other brands of double sided tape but try and use the thinnest type possible.)

Stick the 4 individual pieces to the SILVER portion of the shifter panel.

Remove the white protective cover.

Carefully align the ESS and secure into desired position.

(Once mounted, the unit will not spin so make sure your positioning is correct.)

Set the Stage 10 ESS back into position. Push down until the unit CLICKS into position.

The unit should like like this. The ESS should sit flush, even with the double sided tape installed.

Here is another close-up.

Now, reconnect the battery.

Installation Complete!

Now enjoy futuristic and simple shifting on your PRIUS!!



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